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BrainRx Licensing Information Kit

To Open a BrainRx Centre in South Africa, contact:


BrainRx South Africa

Dalena and Leon van der Westhuizen

BrainRx Master Developers: South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho

Tel: (012) 345 1541 | 082 4488 221 (Dalena) | 082 4488 159 (Leon)


Web: |


Free Information Kit

Thank You For Your Interest In a BrainRx Licensing Opportunity in South Africa

Please fill in the requested information below to receive your BrainRx Information Kit - once we receive your licensing information request, a member of our team will schedule a face-to-face (preferably), telephone or Skype meeting. 

During the meeting we will require some information from you but will also provide you with some basic licensing information and answer your initial questions. Just as much as you want to investigatge whether this is the right opportunity for you, we want to investigate whether you would be a good fit for the BrainRx brand.

If the initial meeting is successful, we will forward you the Info Kit. Once you've recieved the Info Kit, a member of our team will schedule a follow-up call. This is a no obligation call that will allow you to have your questions answered and to ensure that you can do the necessary research to decide whether or not BrainRx is a good fit for you.

No matter what your question, we will find you the answer - from the beginning of your process all the way through. We believe in transparency and share our strengths as well as our weaknesses. We want you to know what we are working on and how we plan to improve our system.

We also promise to tell you if at any time, we don't feel that you would make a good fit - and the same is true for you. If at any time, you feel like you wouldn't be happy and successful as a BrainRx Licensee, we will end the process on good terms. 


The BrainRx Info Kit includes information about:

  • What makes BrainRx unique
  • How BrainRx works
  • What results BrainRx gets
  • Center License Overview, including territory information and an outline of fees

Why are we providing this information? If you are in the market for an educational business opportunity where you can change lives for a living, we want to make sure BrainRx is part of your research. By sharing our numbers and unique licensing opportunity, we hope you will get excited about opening your own BrainRx Brain Training Center.

BrainRx Licensing Opportunities are only available outside of America. For information about opportunities in America, visit the LearningRx Franchise Website.


Our next Licensee and Trainer Training workshop (Basic and Advanced Training):

7 - 10 November 2018 (Pretoria, South Africa)


Already Have The Info Kit?

If you’ve already received our Info Kit and you’re ready to take the next step, please complete our Request for Consideration as a BrainRx Licensee form. A member of our team will then contact you to schedule a follow-up meeting.


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