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The BrainRx Process

Step One: Finding the Cause

People come to us for help because they want to learn faster, read better, increase attention skills, develop a sharper memory, or simply process information more quickly.
When someone comes to BrainRx, the first thing we do is administer a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment. The assessment takes about an hour and shows us exactly which cognitive skills are weak and which are strong.

After BrainRx brain training, we administer a second assessment to measure change in cognitive skills.

Taking the assessment does not obligate you to sign up for a BrainRx brain training program and, in fact, will provide you with helpful information whether or not you decide to pursue brain training.

 Click here for a video abstract of the original research paper “Reliability and validity of the revised Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills, a computer-based test battery for assessing cognition across the lifespan” published in the journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management by authors Moore and Miller.

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills assess the following skills:

Sustained Attention
What it does: Enables you to stay focused and on task for a sustained period of time

Selective Attention
What it does: Enables you to stay focused and on task despite distractions

Divided Attention
What it does: Enables you to remember information while doing two things at once

Long-Term Memory

What it does: Enables you to recall information stored in the past

Working Memory
What it does: Enables you to hang on to information while in the process of using it

Logic & Reasoning
What it does: Enables you to reason, form ideas, and solve problems

Auditory Processing
What it does: Enables you to analyze, blend, and segment sounds

Visual Processing
What it does: Enables you to think in visual images

Processing Speed
What it does: Enables you to perform tasks quickly and accurately, especially when under pressure

Word Attack 
What it does: Enables you to apply phonic and structural analysis skills to pronounce unfamiliar printed words (Although Word Attack is not a cognitive skill, we include it in our battery of tests as it is an important skill for reading fluency.)


Step Two: Addressing the Problem

Once we identify which cognitive skills are weak, a personalised, targeted cognitive skills development program is designed for each individual client. Our certified Cognitive Trainers provide intense one-on-one training designed to target and strengthen those skills. Training sessions in general are 90 minutes long (young or ADHD students will sometimes have hour sessions), and is done at one of our centres. Each student is matched with a Cognitive Trainer who will work with them throughout the entire training program.

Training goals and targets are based on each student's individual cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses. Regular review and feedback of the student's progress keeps both the student and the Cognitive Trainer focused.

Step Three: Measuring the Results

There are various ways to measure the results of our brain training programs.
Our aim with BrainRx brain training – narrowing the Performance Gap.

And that is why, once our clients have completed their BrainRx programs, a post-training Cognitive Skills Assessment is performed as part of the training program package.

One way to measure the overall results of BrainRx brain training is to consider the gap between how well someone performed in cognitive function prior to BrainRx brain training (pre-training assessment) and their cognitive performance on completion of the BrainRx training program (post-training assessment).

Another way to measure the overall results of BrainRx brain training - and definitely the most exciting - is the feedback we receive from our students and their families throughout the training program about the changes and improvements they are seeing and experiencing.

A post-training results- and feedback consultation is scheduled, followed by the graduation of our client from the BrainRx training program.