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What sets us apart?

Results driven. Research based. One-on-One.

  • Our programs are based on the latest in brain science research.
  • We test the cognitive brain skills of every client before and after training, using the gold standard in cognitive skills testing, The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills, a clinical cognitive assessment that has been validated and normed twice, and published in various medical journals.
  • More than 100,000 published case studies (and counting).
  • Backed by 35 years of research.
  • LearningRx and BrainRx centres in 46 countries around the world.
  • More than 100 published white papers.
  • Ongoing research on our programs and results through independent studies as well as our own research institute, the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research, established in April 2014.

Only BrainRx one-on-one brain training incorporates the seven key elements necessary for the most dramatic results:

  1. Brain training can't be taught in a classroom. it must be drilled, like learning to play tennis or the piano.
  2. Brain training exercises need to be intense. BrainRx Cognitive Trainers use a variety of means - including speed, matcing intervals, distraction and multitasking - to make each workout session intense. Just as muscle building requires intensity to push muscles beyond the comfort zone and into real change, building neural connections requires the exact same thing.
  3. Brain training exercises need to be done in a particular sequence. When done in the right order, brain training triggers the brain's ability to rewire neural connections and even create structural changes in order to handle increasingly demanding tasks. This makes the brain fitter, faster and smarter.
  4. To become permanent, skills acquired during brain training need to be embedded using a technique called "loading". Loading involves multitasking, which makes the brain "fire up" multiple connections. All this activity forces the brain to automate more familiar tasks so it can focus on newer, less familiar tasks. This is a fast-track method of taking a new skill and making it a more permanent part of the brain.
  5. To be effective, brain training requires instant feedback. If you're giving your brain an intense workout that includes drilling, sequencing and loading, you've created the perfect environment for maximum, lasting changes in your brain. The last thing you want to do is practice, reinforce and embed a mistake. This is why immediate feedback is critical.
  6. To ge the best results, brain training must be targeted. Identifying individal weak cognitive skills - and successfully targeting those skills - is the only way to address specific problems and get the greatest return on your investment of time and effort.
  7. Without a doubt, the most effective way to create the kind of mental workout described above is to work one-on-one with a certified Cgnitive Trainer. This is the fastest way to get an intense mental workout that incorporates practicing the right exercises in the right order, multitasking and immediate feedback - plus the accountability and consistency that make personal training relationships so effective.