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BrainRx one-on-one brain training is an investment with lifelong returns

Stronger brain skills are generally linked to better grades, higher income, greater confidence, more tertiary study choices, job retention, career advancement, improved quality of life as we age, a degree of reclaimed independence after a stroke, chemotherapy or TBI, and much more!


Is brain training worth the cost?

Brain skills often have a lot to say about how successful you are in school, at university and on the job. They also help determine success in sports, performance behind the wheel of a car, and even impact relationships, both professional and personal.

Finally, they play a big role in your quality of life as you age.

BrainRx brain training increases IQ and sharpens mental skills, and it doesn't matter "where" you are on the continuum when you come to us.

Even children and adults with above-average brain skills get measurable, lasting improvements in brain performance after BrainRx brain training. That's great news for successful students and career adults looking for a competitive edge at school, university or in the workplace.


Investing in smarter is a smart investment. Here's why:


Studeis show that more than 80% of reading, attention, memory and learning problems are caused by weak cognitive skills - the same skills we strengthen.



Improvements are seen quickly, often within the first few weeks and continue from there.



Our results are not only dramatic, they are permanent!



No other program on the market today gets the scientifically measured, dramatic improvements in mental performance that we get.


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