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Not all brain training is created equal

Why one-on-one brain training?

While there are many levels of workouts for the brain, working one-on-one with a certified Cognitive Trainer provides the greatest intensity and the most productive workout for your brain.

In fact, one-on-one brain training is a completely different process - with completely different goals and results - than training in groups, or digital training you do on your phone, with a video game, or on a brain exercise website. 


Cognitive skills development exercises done with a certified BrainRx Cognitive Trainer is more effective than group training or digital exercises you can do on your own.

Here's why:

If you've ever made a decision to transform your body, then gone to a gym and worked out with a personal trainer for three or four months, you know what it feels like to have someone push you past your comfort level and into the dramatic changes you're looking for. 

Take that kind of training relationship and intensity - and those kind of life changing improvements - and apply them to your mental skills and you have a pretty good picture of what BrainRx personal brain training is all about.

BrainRx Cognitive Trainers customize workouts, create accountability, and keep sessions intense to create the "mental sweat" needed for real change. They provide feedback and encouragement, and make brain training interactive, relational and fun. It's a powerful combination that group training or a computer program simply can't provide.

The training relationship is key. It's the reason we get scientifically measurable, proven results that are unmatched by any other brain training product on the market today.