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BrainRx is the expert in the applied science of Neuroplasticity

At BrainRx, we apply the lastest in brain science to stimulate the brain to strengthen and even create new neural connections, dramatically improving the way the brain receives, processes, remembers, and uses incoming information. And we do it on a one-on-one basis.

The result? Dramatic, permanent improvements in cognitive brain function.


What is the applied science of brain plasticity?

We haven't always known that the brain can be changed. In fact, for years scientists believed the brain was 'static', and that how each brain grasped and processed information was set in stone.

Today, scientists knows that the brain is 'plastic', meaning it can be moulded and changed.

Our environments, habits, choices and even our thoughts stimulate our brains to make structural and functional changes, rewiring existing neural connections and even treating new ones. This amazing ability is called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, and our brains can do it no matter how old we are.

At BrainRx, we've figured out how to target and strengthen strategic skill pathways in the brain to get very specific improvements in mental performance. In other words, we harness the brain's neuroplasticity to help our clients experience the benefits of a smarter, faster brain.

Change your brain, change your life.

How your brain handles information impacts every area of your life.

Whether you're reading a book, studying for a test, in a business meeting, driving your car, or just chatting with a friend, your brain is being bombarded with information from all five of your senses.

All the incoming information is being processed through a set of core brain skills, also known as cognitive skills. Just like cogwheels in a machine, these cognitive skills are working together to store information in the bank of knowledge we use to succeed in school, at university, at work and in life.


BrainRx Cognitive Training

BrainRx one-on-one cognitive training programs target and remediate seven primary cognitive skills and multiple sub-skills through repeated engagement in game-like but intense mental tasks delivered one-on-one by a certified BrainRx Cognitive Trainer.

Using a synergistic “drill for skill” and metacognitive approach to developing cognitive skills, the program incorporates varying levels of intensity, hierarchical sequencing of tasks, multiple-task loading, and instant feedback from the cognitive trainer.

Training sessions are focused, demanding, intense, and tightly controlled by the Cognitive Trainer to push students to just above their current cognitive skill levels. Deliberate distractions are built in to the sessions to tax the brain’s capacity for sorting and evaluating the importance of incoming information. This ability to correctly handle distracting information and interruptions is the foundation for focus and attention skills.